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ADES is a bilingual private school that has been promoting academic development of adults in English and Spanish in Tampa since 2003 delivering courses in traditional classrooms and online. ADES works with a team of educators who believe in academic development as a means of enhancing human communication and cultural integration.

ADES English Courses

ADES has been helping people learn English since 2003 in Tampa, Florida. We teach how to build vocabulary, to conjugate verbs, to understand the verb tenses, to improve pronunciation, and to speak English with an academic level. ADES teaches Basic English, Intermediate English, and Advanced English. Our certified instructors have a vast experience in teaching English as a second languages to adults, using our unique methodology that is recognized and appreciated by thousands of students from different countries. Experience ADES English Classes

ADES Spanish Courses

ADES has been teaching Spanish since 2005. We have helped doctors, accountants, lawyers, and personnel in the federal government to learn or improve their Spanish. We design and develop Spanish courses to meet specific professional needs. Experience ADES Spanish Classes

Tampa – Florida Traffic School

ADES offers Defensive Driving Courses in English and Spanish in a very comfortable instructional environment. Our Traffic Courses are approved to erase points in driving records for tickets received Pinellas, Polk, Pasco, Hillsborough, Lee, Osceola, Orange, Miami-Dade, Broward, Marion, Lake, or in ANY other county in Florida state. The certificates are also accepted for tickets in some other states around the countryExperience The Best Florida Traffic School


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Traffic School

Traffic Tickets Information 

Avoid points in your Driving Record!

When you receive a traffic ticket, points may be assessed against your driving record. Attending a class will prevent the ticket from appearing on your official Florida driving record as points, and your insurance company cannot legally raise your rate or refuse to renew your policy.

If you decide to fight a ticket and you are ordered to take a traffic course by a court, you must attend it or your driver license may be suspended or revoked.

Read these most frequent questions or call us. We will gladly assist you! 🙂

How quickly can I finish a traffic course?

The classes are designed for 4, 8, or 12 hours depending on the option you chose when you received the tickets. Read more

How do I pay for a course?

Students pay by cash or money order for In-Person classes. We NEVER charge in advance, we DO NOT charge reschedule fee either. Online courses are paid by credit card. Read more

How do I register for a traffic course?

Registration is easy and practical! By this website, or by phone. Students receive a confirmation registration by email, or by text. Read more 

When do I receive my Completion Certificate?

At ADES Traffic School, your certificate is provided right after the class. No test is required! Read more

Do I need email address?

You need an e-mail address to receive your Certificate of Completion when you take an online traffic course. For In-Person classes you need a phone number or and email address. Read more

Can I take an online course on my phone ?

Absolutely! You can take our Traffic Online Courses from your home, work, or somewhere else using any kind of mobile device. Read more

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    review rating 5  It’s a great class, awesome instructor. Enjoyed the class. She didn’t try to be boring either , everyone was involved .

    thumb Jaylene Roman

    review rating 5  The instructors were great and did a great job. They made the time go by quickly in class.

    thumb Camaronut 1LE

    review rating 5  It was actually a lot better then I ever imagine. The instructors were amazing. Mr Smith kept it light very humurous but serious points to understand driving and responsibility. Ms Leonor gave amazing wisdom responsibility honesty and respect of driving and the consequences of what can go wrong without following the rules. She also opened my eyes with a lot is self thought, understanding and believe in the person I am and the person I want to become. She opened my eyes and enlightened me to things I didn’t realize within myself as a driver and as a person. I really appreciate this class today. Thank you.

    thumb Jose Rodriguez