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ADES has offered English Courses in Tampa, Florida since 2003. We have a vast experience in teaching English to adults. Our English instructors help students learn vocabulary, grammar rules, conjugation of verbs, use of different auxiliaries, pronunciation, and conversation.

ADES ENGLISH COURSES ARE DIFFERENT AND UNIQUE, because we know every student learn different and is unique! At ADES  we pay individual attention to our students to help them get to speak English as soon as possible.

Learning English is easy when students follow a systematic process. What do they need to do?

Build Vocabulary. People do not learn English just listening to the radio in English or watching TV in English. Students will not be able to use a word in English if they do not know the meaning of that word in their native language. Students have to learn how to translate what they already know in their native language. We teach our students several tips to memorize and remember words.

Reading in English. Learning how to read in English is very easy and improve pronunciation, writing, and listening. For example: Reading in English is not the same as reading in Spanish, but if we teach Spanish speakers that “aw” sounds /o/ then, for them:

The word draw sounds /dro/

The word awful sounds /oful/

The word law sounds /lo/

We teach several combinations of letters and their equivalent sound in Spanish; so that our students can read and pronounce better. We also teach the difference between short vowels sounds and long vowel sounds for accent reduction.

Learning Basic Grammar. To speak English well, students have to conjugate the verbs well. This is very simple when students understand the difference between verb forms and verb tenses. Our students really understand how to use the verbs in all of the tenses, and how to make sentences correctly.

Conversation. With a moderate level of vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of basic grammar rules, anyone is ready to speak English. Our students get that!

How long does it take to get to speak in English? A commercial answer would be: in 10 days, 12 weeks, six months, or a year. A professional answer is: Nobody really knows.; we know that adults do not learn as children, and we know that there is not a magical way to get to speak English.

This is our professional answer. About 60% of our students are referrals of former participants. We teach English classes, we do not commercialize English courses. What is the difference? Who teaches you is interested in your learning; who commercializes with you is interested in your money. At ADES, education is a commitment, not a business.

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