ADES Traffic School – Welcome New Drivers

CONGRATULATIONS NEW DRIVERS!! The Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) and Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness (DATA) are 4 Hour courses for individuals who have never had a Driver’s License. The student must be a resident, at least 15 1/2 years old at the time of registration. Florida Statute requires a successful completion of a TLSAE or DATA course prior to obtaining a learner’s drivers license for all first time drivers. ADES Traffic School offers this Defensive Driving Course only Online, in English.

Drug & Alcohol



Drug & Alcohol



Get ready for your test at the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can access the last version of the Florida Driver Handbook to study the traffic rules for free. Then you can practice for your exam, and if you are 18 years old or less y can take your test right away online.

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Online Class Details

Our Drug and Alcohol Course online is designed for the students to work at their own pace 24/7. Students can sign out at anytime to take a break, the next time they log on, they are returned to the point where they left.  Students can even use a different computer to sign in the next time. Our online classes are very simple to use.  Students log onto our virtual classroom web site and Register online via their normal Internet connection.  Nothing  needs to be downloaded. Once the registration process is finished, the students choose their own password and username to gain immediate access to the course. They will be given an Access Code.

Online TLSAE Class Process

After you register, you have 90 days to complete this traffic school course. The Drug and Alcohol Class is divided into three sections: Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs and their effects on the body and quality of life; Traffic Safety and the DUI laws; and Defensive Driving Techniques by using judgment behind the wheels. At the end of the course a 40 question multiple choice test must be passed to complete the online class. To pass the exam, you will need to answer 32 of the 40 questions correctly. The test can be retaken once immediately at no additional charge.

Online TLSAE Class Certificates

When you complete the online class and pass the final exam, your information is “electronically” transmitted to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Your record will appear in their computer system within approximately 48 hours of completion. Your record of completion will remain on file with the state allowing you to go to any DMV office to get your Permit. A copy of your Completion Certificate will be emailed to you within 24 business hours.

Online TLSAE Class Price

ADES promotes Education as a way to improve the understanding of social responsibility; therefore, we are commiment in offering the most affordable Defensive Driving Courses to help people meet their educational needs. The total cost of our Drug and Alcohol Course online is $29.95. It includes the course, all State of Florida fees, certificate processing and expedited electronic delivery of the certificate to the provided email address.  There are NO SURPRISE CHARGES at registration time at all. Registration for TLSAE online Classes.