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ADES Language School has delivered English classes to the Hispanic Community in Tampa since 2003.  ADES is a private education center for adults known by its academic leadership, 50% of its current students are referrals of former participants. Its academic leadership is based on  the professionalism of its instructors and employees, its vast experience in teaching adults, and overall, its  unique methodology.

Learning English is imperative to live and achieve success in the United States. It is also an important component for the professional development of those who perform at an international level and  live in other countries.  English is spoken in 88 countries around the world. It is the first second language in Europe, and the second in the world. English is the predominant language in North America, Australia, many countries in Africa, and in many islands in the Caribbean.  It is the international language of technology and business.

At ADES Education Center, we work with small groups, previously classified by levels: initial, basic, intermediate, or advance. Working with small groups allows our instructors to provide a personalized attention through our known ADES System. 

ADES System promotes a systemic acquisition of vocabulary, grammar rules usage, appropriate verb conjugation, phonics and pronunciation skills; all the necessary features to reach and enhance conversational abilities.

ADES instructors are American professionals with a bachelor degree earned in a university within the United States. ADES directors hold a master professional degree and the credentials that confirm our academic leadership and excellence.

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